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PRCA announces new NextGen Public Affairs Board

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PRCA announces new NextGen Public Affairs Board

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) is proud to announce the formation of its new NextGen Public Affairs Board, a dynamic team dedicated to fostering growth, innovation, and best practices within the public affairs sector.
Co-chairs Joe Cooper and Elena Campbell, alongside their fellow board members, will play central roles in driving the group's activities.
The new board aims to leverage the group's platform to welcome new entrants into the industry, particularly in the wake of the upcoming election. The group will be organising successful events aimed at supporting diversity in the public affairs sector and fostering a sense of community through regular socials. They are committed to promoting best practice in the industry and ensuring a smooth transition for the next generation of public affairs professionals.

NextGen Public Affairs Board Members:

  • Joe Cooper (Co-Chair), Senior Account Manager at SEC Newgate UK
  • Elena Campbell (Co-Chair), Consultant at Atticus Partners
  • Rob Frazer, Account Manager at Connect Group
  • Tom Smith, Public Affairs Account Executive at Burson
  • Lea Carson, Senior Account Executive at Stratagem
  • Rob Day, Senior Account Manager - Public Affairs at Grayling
  • Fraser Lyall, Senior Account Executive at Hanover Communications
  • James Van der Graff, Senior Consultant at H/Advisors Cicero
  • Edward Robbins, Consultant at Beyond 2050
  • George Reid, Account Manager at Hanbury Strategy
  • Benjamin Lucas, Senior Account Manager at Burson

PRCA NextGen Public Affairs Board Co-chair, Elena Campbell said:

“Having joined the industry as an intern and seen the professional development opportunities available, I am excited to return to NextGen PA and explore additional opportunities for others”.

PRCA NextGen Public Affairs Board Co-chair, Joe Cooper said:

“Really enjoyed my first year on the committee helping to drive forward the workstreams on diversity and inclusion, while also running our social media channels and being one of the most engaged members of the committee. I’d really value the opportunity to build on the great work that Jon undertook as chair, and drive forward progress on some of the work we’ve delivered in the past year.”



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