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PRCA Apprenticeships Programme stands out in recent Ofsted evaluation

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PRCA Apprenticeships Programme stands out in recent Ofsted evaluation

The PRCA Apprenticeships Programme is thrilled to announce its significant performance during the recent Ofsted monitoring visit in September.

The Ofsted inspectors conducted a thorough evaluation of PRCA's Apprenticeships Programme, interacting with apprentices, managers, and coaches, and undertaking in-depth reviews of the programme's delivery. The final judgments from Ofsted were a "Reasonable Progress" against all three key themes, showcasing the program's commitment to excellence.

The specific judgment justifications are as follows:

  1. Leadership and Management: Despite ongoing governance adjustments, PRCA is making positive strides, creating a beneficial impact on apprentices.
  2. Quality of Education and/or Training: The program received a 'high' reasonable progress judgment, reflecting its clear impact on learners' day-to-day activities.
  3. Safeguarding: PRCA demonstrated robust safeguarding policies, with a focus on further development and training to enhance apprentice knowledge and support.

Key highlights of the evaluation:

  • The programme has a joined-up approach between on and off-the-job activities. The flexibility in optional units allows alignment with apprentices' workplace activities, fostering a strong, holistic assessment approach.
  • Apprentices consistently produce work of a standard that ensures success, supported by clear and thorough quality assurance processes, including survey data and observation sampling.
  • Coaches, actively engaged in the PR industry, bring real-world examples to life, facilitating a deeper understanding for apprentices. Regular tri-partite reviews ensure effective communication among apprentices, managers, and coaches, contributing to the overall success of the programme.
  • Apprentices actively participate in PR operations, driving personal and professional development. The well-implemented buddy system serves as a motivational and supportive tool for apprentices.

As the PRCA Apprenticeships Programme looks ahead, it recognises areas for development and future plans. Ongoing governance changes are expected to enhance the board's influence and strategic direction. There is an emphasis on face-to-face/virtual classroom training courses over webinars, and a systematic logging of apprentice attendance for easy access.

Stephanie Umebuani, PRCA Head of Apprenticeships, said:

"The recent Ofsted monitoring visit reaffirms our dedication to providing a top-tier learning experience for our apprentices. The 'Reasonable Progress' rating is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our team, and we are proud of the positive impact we continue to make on the professional development of our apprentices."


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