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PRCA introduces new Code of Conduct for members

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PRCA introduces new Code of Conduct for members

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) today announces a revised Code of Conduct. This updated Code, along with associated procedures, reflects the latest in professional and regulatory best practices, ensuring clarity and robustness in guiding members' conduct.

The revised Code of Conduct updates and replaces the PRCA Professional Charter and the PRCA Health Public Relations and Communications Code of Conduct. Developed by the newly-appointed PRCA Standards Committee with input from external legal advisors, the Code provides clear standards of professional behaviour expected of PRCA members. The new Code applies to Professional and Associate members with additional obligations for Company members.

A new, streamlined procedure for handling complaints has also been introduced, overseen by the Standards Committee, ensuring greater transparency and fairness both for members and the public. The new Complaints Procedure also applies to complaints under the Public Affairs Code which will undergo revision later in the year following full member consultation. These changes mark a significant milestone in the ongoing implementation of recommendations from the PRCA's governance review.

PRCA members will be invited to a webinar to hear more about the changes and ask any questions.

Iain Christie, PRCA Standards Committee Chair said:

"The introduction of this revised Code of Conduct underscores the PCRA’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards within industry for those members it represents. The new Code clarifies those standards and removes some ambiguities that existed in the previous Charter and Health Code of Conduct. The new procedures make it much clearer how complaints will be investigated and decided upon and bring fair process to complaints under all the PRCA’s Codes. Together the new Code and procedures enhance the transparency and fairness of the PRCA’s standards for both members subject to a complaint and the public. These revisions will make it easier for the PRCA to uphold professional standards within the industry.

PRCA Chief Executive, James Hewes said:

“This revision is a crucial step in our continuous efforts to foster a professional environment built on trust, accountability, and excellence. By providing clearer guidelines and a more transparent process, it will be easier for the PRCA to uphold and enforce the highest professional standards within the industry. This will not only benefit our members but also ensure that the public can have greater confidence in our industry’s ethical practices."


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